Meditation Room: Dedicated space

Finding time to meditate can be one of the most stressful tasks.

This notion of doing what we already know is important. We feel guilt, shame, and later resentment when we miss out enough times.

The blessing of having space dedicated, having a meditation seat that looks like a modern piece of furniture, having visual cues for piece and relaxation all concentrated in a certain area all hoping to draw you in so you can sit still and give yourself a much needed break before you feel (i.e. forced) you need one.

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This community was created because it really is a lifestyle. Meditation Life is dedicated to not only daily practice, but also the mentality that benefits one who sits on a regular basis. This idea that we can go about our lives in peace and clear intention, proactive in a world of dings, buzzes, and ringing. The attention is more precious than ever before. Our work is for those dedicated enough to constantly seek mental wellness. I read recently about willpower and how it's a muscle that needs rest and careful consideration like any other muscle in high-performance situations. The willpower used toward the practice of developing the meditation habit is nothing short of teaching the fisherman how to fish.

We meditate to become more present. We create a meditation room in order to encourage ourselves to walk in with peace and respect for our daily recharge. We find our willpower increasing as our conscious awareness expands over time. We now have a tool we can use to start new projects, build positive habits, and enjoy the challenges rather than be intimidated by the weight of dedication and patient skill acquisition. 

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