Why Meditation?

Because mindfulness is normal; it is not something special, limited to Buddhists, mystics, academics or psychologists. This is a simple process that any human being can undertake. Meditation is the practice of activating that mindfulness and focusing on cultivating that ability without actually trying. Not always an easy thing to do, particularly if you have never experienced anything like this before or if you are going through intense pain or strong emotions. But the techniques required to cultivate greater mindfulness are incredibly simple and are available to any human being free of charge. As time progresses, mindfulness becomes easier and easier to develop and being in the present moment becomes as much of a habit as our normal state of distractedness.

There are many ways in which you can practice mindfulness. After all, there are  many ways in which you can anchor yourself to any given moment.

Many people practice mindfulness of breathing, because the breath is always here and always in the present moment. The breath is a wonderful anchor, and it can really get you in touch with your own body and what is going on there, but there are other ways ways to practice mindfulness too. Come along to our Facebook Group and join people that are looking to get started and may need an accountability partner.


 A general feeling of well being

 Better sleeping

 A greater connection with the body

 An improved relationship with pain

 A reduction in levels of stress and anxiety

 Improved personal relationships

 A greater acceptance of troublesome thoughts and emotions

 Improvements to memory, concentration and cognitive ability

 Increased productivity

 Increased creativity

Cultivating mindfulness requires a commitment to regular practice. If there is no commitment, then the mind can easily be drawn back into it’s old ways. Modern life holds so many distractions and it bombards us with so much information that it can lead the mind astray easily.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, who pioneered secular mindfulness says the following:

“Making a time for formal practice every day is like feeding yourself every day. It is that important.”

The aim of Meditation Life is simply to promote mental health and wellness through daily practice.

Meditation is free, Mindfulness is free, Yoga is free simple and has the potential to be life changing. Mindfulness is a little alien at first for someone who has never tried this type of thing, there is also a tendency for some people to view it as something mystical or a bit weird. Here at Meditation Life we are trying to break down these barriers as much as we can. We have articles to help you get started in daily practice and even a Facebook Group you can join for accountability and tips. 

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