About Meditation Life

What's Meditation Life for?

Meditation Life was created to offer guidance in living a stress free lifestyle through meditation. We focus on comfortable meditation through our flagship product the Alexia Meditation Seat. 


Instead of adding stress to your already busy schedule, Meditation Life has the mission of promoting curiosity and love for the peace and stillness meditation allows to those who practice often. Because of this, it was decided that the brand be about practical meditation practice for everyday people. To this day we are building the brand as one for inclusion rather than a community following some celebrity Guru. We all struggle with consistency as our lives seem to demand more from us each day. Diet, exercise, career, family, meditation doesn't have to be on that list as another thing you should do and feel defeated when you don't practice. Meditation can naturally fit into your lifestyle. We prefer it that way

Non-Profit roots

Meditation Life is a DBA for Project Newsense the creative non-profit. Meditation Life is essentially a case study for creating and running a profitable online entity. Project Newsense will display results and processes of running Meditation Life to youth and young adults in inner-city areas around Oklahoma and Texas.